The Great Social Media Experiment

I’ve gone and done the whole social media connectivity thing. I figured it would get information across more easily, direct new readers to my blog, and also be an avenue for me to post little things that I might not otherwise post on a blog. If you fancy, you can find me on Facebook here, and if you hover over the ‘Like’ button, you can click on ‘Get Notifications’ so you’ll be updated whenever I post something up. Also, I’ve just started a Twitter account: @SmellyVagabond so if you follow me you can also get updates when I post. I’m still trying to figure out how to get stuff like widgets and sharing buttons on the blog, so do bear with me in the meantime, I’m a tech dinosaur compared to someone my age. I also don’t really know how the hashtags work, but I guarantee you’ll find the following clip absolutely hilarious:

Out of curiosity, are there any other ways I can be more connected to the rest of the perfume community? What would you recommend? And what do you think of bloggers making use of Facebook and Twitter to stay connected?

Thanks for all your support so far!