Guest Post: A Delightful Non-Sequitur

Guest Post by The Fragrant Man


In response to Mr Vagabond’s post The Voice of a Blogger

A Story of a Delightful Non-Sequitur

I was approached by Brand X (a clue there to the cognoscenti) to see if I would write about their new releases. It is important to note here that the approach was from a PR company handsomely paid by Branch X to maximize their exposure to perfume buyers. They were extremely keen to give me ‘information’ and sent extremely high quality and beautifully shot photos of extremely expensive perfume.

Brand Rep to The Fragrant Man
We are currently looking after a few perfume labels which I thought might be of interest to you (sic) blog…

The Fragrant Man to Brand Rep

With new releases I prefer to publish a review when they are purchasable on-line by the readership. Otherwise they forget or become frustrated.

Brand to The Fragrant Man – In reference to asking for a sample.

Unfortunately, we do not have samples available at all at the moment…
Do you solely do reviews or also news and interviews? Perhaps we could work something out.

The Fragrant Man to Brand Rep

I have worked hard to gain a readership. Interestingly it is the Facebook version of The Fragrant Man that has almost 50,000 interested readers.

I am not comfortable promoting a brand I have not smelt. You could do decants if you do not have formal samples.

Brand Rep to The Fragrant Man

I do understand that you prefer to smell and try the product in order to write about it. It makes perfect sense as your readers put their trust in you,…

At the moment I cannot accommodate you but I will make sure to drop you a line should it change.

Then I said no to promo writing and received a delightful non-sequitur.

Brand Rep to The Fragrant Man
Totally understand you don’t want to review without smelling first.


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[NB: Jordan had originally typed most of this in a comment on my previous post but it turned out to be too long, and so he contacted me about featuring this as a guest post, which I am most delighted to, especially since it’s a fantastic anecdote about what goes on between a brand and a blogger. Thanks Jordan for this piece!]