Perfume Haiku Series: Silky Underwear by Gorilla Perfumes

Silky Underwear by Gorilla Perfumes

I slip on comfy
Jasmine-scented lingerie
Rub on some sun screen

~ The Smelly Vagabond

5 Limited Edition Perfumes from Gorilla Perfume

source: Gorilla Perfume's Facebook Page

source: Gorilla Perfume’s Facebook page

Gorilla Perfume (perfume off-shoot of Lush) has just announced on their Facebook page that they will be releasing five limited edition perfumes on 22nd November. If you’re a fan of Gorilla Perfume, you’ll probably have heard of their limited edition releases, which are usually available online only, and for a very short amount of time. Most of the time, these limited edition perfumes take the scent of a Lush product and turn it into a fine fragrance.

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