Perfume Lovers London – A Vanilla Affair, with Neil Chapman

Thursday, 27 March 2014, happened to be the day of my very last lecture of my entire undergraduate life. And what better way to celebrate (or mourn) it than in the company of fellow Perfume Lovers? And I must warn you, there will be plenty of name-dropping in this post, seeing as there were many recognisable faces around as well as new friends made! As we squeezed into the cosy upstairs room of the New Cavendish Club, the pre-event chatter soon petered out and the proceedings of the evening commenced. This month, we had the pleasure of welcoming Neil Chapman, who writes over at The Black Narcissus, to present his selection of Vanilla Perfumes. I believe Tara of Olfactoria’s Travels will be writing about the very same event soon, so do keep a look out for it. In any case, I thought I would jot down my thoughts on the fragrances that were presented. I must apologise in advance for the lack of any pictures taken at the event itself; I had clean forgotten to do so due to the fascinating conversations I was having with my new-found perfume friends. Without further ado, here are the perfumes in the order that we smelt them:

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Greetings from Riga


To my dear friends and readers who have been checking my blog every once in a while, I thank you for your support. I haven’t had the time to write a post recently because I have been travelling all around Europe. But I assure everyone that I’m very much still around and would love to post save for lack of time and also because I’ve been taking the time to gather materials and thoughts for a massive write up on my scented travels. Some things you can look forward to:

Romping Round Rome in Search of Scent – A Guide to the Perfumeries in Rome, Italy

This should hopefully be up next week when I’m back. I’ve tried so many new scents that aren’t very well-known (I think) to even us perfume lovers and gathered many samples that I will be trying out in the weeks to come, so look forward to reading my thoughts on them. I’ll try to faithfully reproduce the route I took so that if anyone ever has the chance to visit Rome (and you should!), this guide should hopefully aid you in your perfumed travelling. After all, I am indeed called The Smelly Vagabond, so what I write should have some element of wandering around, right? 🙂

An Evening with Perfumer Patricia de Nicolaï – Perfume Lovers London

I have the immense fortune of attending a session on 23rd May where we get to talk to perfumer Patricia de Nicolaï, whose fragrances I enjoy thoroughly, so I’ll be reporting on the event and the night’s proceedings, which I’m sure will be a treat for every perfume lover.

A Flagrantly Fragrant Affair

On 25th May, I’ll be hosting a perfume appreciation workshop session for my non-perfumista friends where I introduce them to the world of fragrance and hold a mini blind-sniffing competition. I’ll be reporting on how the afternoon goes – hopefully some of you will be inspired to carry out your own perfume workshops for your friends/family!

So… definitely some good things to look forward to! In the meantime, I’ll be heading for Vilnius, Lithuania tomorrow. If anyone has been there before or has any information on what fragrant affairs I should look out for, feel free to let me know by commenting on this post.

Many Smelly Greetings,

The Smelly Vagabond