Thierry Mugler – Angel, the Perfume Demon

source: Skyrion on deviantART

source: Skyrion on deviantART

[Warning: gruesome descriptions ahead. You have been warned.]

Amongst the battle ranks of Thierry Mugler‘s otherworldly aliens and monstrous beasts, there stands at the forefront of them all a powerful, fearsome leader. She is Angel, a perfume demon whose evil knows no bounds. As she waits for the right moment to strike, she licks her lips as she relishes the blood she will soon taste, lips that are stained a Nicki Minaj neon pink. Foes who are lulled into a false sense of security by the frivolous, ditzy colour of her lipstick will know regret once they have experienced her kiss of death – a noxious, cotton candy smooch that smothers the life force of her victims upon contact.

Angel of Death

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