Madonna – Truth or Dare


Madonna‘s Truth or Dare attempts to pay homage to the grand dame of all tuberoses, Fracas, but unfortunately falls flatter on its face than Madonna does while singing Like a Prayer:

After a twirl of giggly bubblegum-my, marshmallow-y tuberose more suited for a tween pop star than the 55 years that Madonna really is (as of 2014), Truth or Dare sobers up and attempts to show some grown up flesh by playing peekaboo with some gardenia and jasmine, before collapsing into an all too generic musk within the hour. Unfortunately, Truth or Dare is ultimately thin, angular and reedy, and lacks the voluptuous curves demanded by a white floral fragrance . In short, it describes the singer to a T:


To be fair to Truth or Dare, Persolaise deemed it to be “not as terrible as as we might have suspected” while The Candy Perfume Boy reported that it smells “much more expensive than it is and is much better than it needed to be”. But I disagree with their implicit assumptions that we ought to hold celebrity scents to a different standard.

Madonna may pray, Give me all your luvin’, but at the end of the day, Truth or Dare leaves me Frozen.

~ The Smelly Vagabond

[P.S. I don’t think I’ve ever inserted so many music videos into one post before!]