Elle Article: “Fragrance, Sex & Attraction – Men Who Collect Perfume”

Men Who Wear Fragrance

I stumbled across an Elle article that was posted over on Facebook Fragrance Friends, a lovely forum that I frequent. It writes about the growing number of men who are steadily becoming fragrance fans and also features the Goodsmellas, a group of well, men who are fanatical (I use this as a term of endearment) about their perfume. It’s a lovely read, and I highly recommending checking it out.

“But, you know, we get it. It’s not about using the fragrance to get the girl or using the fragrance to land the job—it’s just life enriching. And when you figure that out, it’s like seeing color.”

This quote really struck me as something that rings dear to my heart. Sure, fragrance may help in the game of seduction, and it may make one more attractive to others, but the main thing about fragrance is that it truly, truly, enriches your life. It’s a whole new world of sensory perceptions that remains to be discovered.

Long live perfume!

~ The Smelly Vagabond