Statistics – Taking Stock of My Perfume Decants


Decants and samples galore!

Looking around at my room, I suddenly gained inspiration for a quick post that I could tap out in the midst of my examinations. Why not take stock of my burgeoning collection of decants and take a look at what I’ve collected since coming to the UK? The majority of the decants were from my own bottles, because it’s too much of a hassle for me to dig through my suitcase every single time I want to wear a perfume. Yep, that’s where I store my bottles because, well, I’ve only got my own room to keep them in! I’ve excluded the decants I made from my own bottles for the purposes of statistical analysis (I use this term very, very lightly), so the figures are of the decants that I’ve either bought, swapped for, or been given by generous members of the fragrance community. I’ve also stipulated rather arbitrarily that decants be at least 4ml in volume, and that large manufactured samples do not count as decants.

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“Christmas Gift Guide 2013” + Mystery Samples Giveaway

NOTE: This is not a dig at my fellow bloggers, who have painstakingly compiled various Christmas Gift Guides.

The time of the year has come when the tills in the perfume department ring incessantly. Don’t know what to get someone for Christmas? Perfume has always been a risky bet since there’s always the chance that the recipient doesn’t like the gift. On the other hand, perfume does have great resale value on places like eBay or on various fragrance forums. Excessive commercialisation of Christmas aside, I do think giving gifts can be a meaningful way of demonstrating love for someone else, although I posit that it’s far better to treat your loved ones well all through the year rather than only on festive occasions.

I’ve compiled a list of Gift Guides that they have come up with here, if you wish to read them. I’ll also update this list as and when other bloggers post their Christmas Gift Guides. Some of them are fun ideas and suggestions and are delightful to read. That said, some do come across as simply PR for various perfume brands, but I’ll leave that up to your discerning judgment. Do drop me a comment or email if I’ve missed out on any so that I can include them here, thanks!

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