The Bath & Body Works Conundrum

If you live in the United States, chances are you’ve probably stepped into a Bath & Body Works store, or at the very least, smelt one of their 1001 fragrant creations on someone. If you haven’t, you’re one of the rare ones. And for your benefit, allow me to summarise what the majority of their fragrances smell like in three words: FUN! FRESH! FRUITY! (Caps lock and exclamation marks are absolutely necessary). For the fragrance snob, Bath & Body Works fragrances tend to belong to the cheap and trashy category of fragrances that are only appropriate for tweenage girls who obsess over One Direction.

Yet I must confess that Bath & Body Works fragrances pose some sort of guilty pleasure to me. Firstly, they’re dirt cheap at USD29.50. Factor in the Buy 3 and Get 3 Free promotion that’s perpetually ongoing and you’ve got a 75ml perfume going for USD15. Secondly, not all of them are terrible. Most are, but once in a while something surfaces that’s actually decent. Thirdly, they’re actually not too bad as room sprays or linen sprays.

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May 1 – Labour Day and I’m Actually Labouring

source: thebeautypress

Guerlain Muguet 2013
source: thebeautypress

It’s the 1st of May, so countries around the world are celebrating May Day. Here in the UK and back in Singapore we celebrate Labour Day, a holiday meant to celebrate the achievements of workers.

Being a student, I, unlike all you workers out there, am actually labouring on Labour Day. You see, I’ve got major examinations the next day, so by labouring I really mean studying. Yet my thoughts are preoccupied not so much with my studies, but what fragrance I should wear into the examination hall. Should I wear Comme des Garçons Incense Avignon to put me in a meditative and relaxed mood? Or how about Frederic Malle‘s En Passant which will conjure images of spring and the park as I write my essays?

Or maybe I should wear something extremely bombastic, such as Carnal Flower to distract the other students in the examination hall. You see, we are marked on a bell curve, so the worse someone else does, the better my grade will be 😀 But I jest. I would never do that, and I’d much rather rely on my brains and my hard work to do well.

Still, it’s an interesting question: what perfume should someone who’s sitting for an examination wear?

Please pray for me as I sit for my exams.

~ The Smelly Vagabond