Angela Flanders – Aqua Alba


‘Aqua Alba’ is a celebration of the art of blending. Ttaking the distinctive flavours and aromas of Whiskey and translating them into personal fragrance. Elements of the Scottish landscape that so imbue whisky with its distinctive flavours – peat smoke, heather, wind blasted wood, soft green mosses – Labdanum and patchouli represent the moss and earth, overlaying a heart of heather and gaiac wood, on a base of sweet amber, oudh and smoky peat. Distinguished, comforting and rugged.

– Angela Flanders   website

I’m rarely immediately taken by a perfume, so it speaks volumes of Angela Flanders‘ Aqua Alba that I was drawn to it from my very first encounter with it in Angela’s quaint little shop in Artillery Passage, which is sited in the hipster Spitalfields locale of London.

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