Olfactive Studio – Lumière Blanche

In theory, I’m supposed to be a huge fan of Olfactive Studio‘s Lumière Blanche. The concept of pairing scent to a photograph especially appeals to me, for I tend to see my scents in terms of images first and foremost instead of lists of notes. And the list of notes for Lumière Blanche ought to send tingles down my spine, because they include my favourites such as iris, almond, sandalwood, tonka bean and cardamom. Even prior to wearing Lumière Blanche, my mind’s nose had this scent-vision of a heavenly scent combining all of these things – oh, comfort of all comforts, and elegance of all elegance.

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5 Limited Edition Perfumes from Gorilla Perfume

source: Gorilla Perfume's Facebook Page

source: Gorilla Perfume’s Facebook page

Gorilla Perfume (perfume off-shoot of Lush) has just announced on their Facebook page that they will be releasing five limited edition perfumes on 22nd November. If you’re a fan of Gorilla Perfume, you’ll probably have heard of their limited edition releases, which are usually available online only, and for a very short amount of time. Most of the time, these limited edition perfumes take the scent of a Lush product and turn it into a fine fragrance.

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Nez à Nez – Bouche Baie, the Fruity Floral that Works

Today, I shall attempt to defend the very maligned Bouche Baie, by Nez à Nez. Averaging a score of 1.6 out of 5 on Makeupalley, reviewers have labelled it “fruity cough syrup for children” and even Pink Sugar during a nightmare. They also compare it with celebrity scents, exclaiming that they cannot and will not pay $150 for a niche scent that smells so trashy.

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Serge Lutens – Louve

We’ve all heard or read the story of Little Red Riding Hood sometime in our childhood. Girl wearing a red hood meets a big bad wolf in the woods, who eats up her grandmother so that he can dress up as her grandmother in order to eat the girl subsequently.

I’ve never liked Little Red Riding Hood as a character. She’s always struck me as a whiny, bratty girl who disobeys her mother and goes traipsing into the woods. What’s more, she wears a hood that’s BRIGHT RED in colour, completely oblivious to the attention she is bound to attract on top of the fact that she’s a young girl walking ALONE in the woods.

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