Thierry Mugler Leaves Thierry Mugler Parfums

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From The New York Times:

“The Clarins Fragrance Group announced Friday that Thierry Mugler, who has maintained creative involvement in the Mugler fragrance business since he departed from its fashion business a decade ago, is now also leaving that role. He is stepping down as artistic director of Thierry Mugler Parfums, a position in which he oversaw creative aspects of new fragrances, like the Womanity scent introduced in 2010. He will continue to consult for the brand.

The company said it is restructuring its creative directors to incorporate responsibilities for fragrance and fashion into a single role in the wake of the departure of Nicola Formichetti, the creative director on the fashion side, earlier this month. Those jobs had been separate until now, meaning that Mr. Formichetti, most recently, was representing Mugler fashion, while Mr. Mugler was representing the fragrances. The designers Sébastien Peigné and Romain Kremer, who designed the women’s and men’s runway collections, have also now left Mugler.

Mr. Mugler, an outsize personality who has also designed costumes for performers and theatrical shows since the Mugler fashion business was initially shuttered in 2003, is separately developing a revue that is expected to be performed in Paris later this year and in Berlin next year.”

Here’s a little something to chew on: If Thierry Mugler drops out of Thierry Mugler Parfums, doesn’t that leave us with just Parfums?

More seriously, though, what’s going to happen to the fragrances? Here are some of my recommendations for Thierry Mugler Parfums:

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Ever wondered why Angel is shaped like a star when it’s actually supposed to be an angel? Me too. For something refreshing, how about renaming it Star…fish and actually using a living starfish impregnated with star-juice?* Give your Star…fish a little squeeze and the fragrance will squirt right into your eye!

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Despite its sinister name, Alien is actually quite a tame woody jasmine. How about subverting expectations completely and using a real alien in the advertising instead? Now that would be truly strange indeed.

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Finally, with Womanity, I recommend that they drop all pretense of the supposed ‘caviar accord’ and instead ‘fess up to their true inspiration: Manatees! Given Womanity‘s salty marine note, what naturally comes to mind are these immensely adorable mammals, not… caviar. Perhaps they found a new source of ambergris? Womanity shall henceforth be known as Wo-Manatee :D**

Hope you enjoyed this silly, nonsensical piece! No disrespect or malice was meant toward Thierry Mugler Parfums. Although I find most of their fragrances unwearable, this is testament to their creativity and polarizing nature. Just remember to never ever come near me with a bottle of Angel.

* Disclaimer No. 1: No harm was intended to any animals, starfish or otherwise, in this purely parodic piece. I would never condemn starfish to such a horrible fate as being impregnated with Angel. For the record, I loathe Angel – it induces my gag-reflex.

** Disclaimer No. 2: No disrespect was meant to the manatees, whom I find absolutely adorable and who are classified as vulnerable to extinction. Some of the main causes of death (aside from old age) include ship strikes, red tide and the ingestion of foreign objects such as fishing hooks. If you can, please do something to help them.