My Guerlain Family + Mahora Decant Giveaway

I’ve been too tired/busy to post in the past few months. It’s different being a working adult as compared to a student! But that doesn’t mean I have fallen out of love with my perfumes, which I wear almost daily. I’ve recently built a cabinet to house some of my fragrances, because my collection was getting somewhat out of hand and was spilling out of whatever drawers I have in my room. 

Anyway, as a treat for being so patient with me, here’s a photo of my Guerlain family. If you can identify at least 15 of the bottles in the picture, I’ll send you a 10ml decant of Mahora, which is a sunny coconut white floral bombshell. This is open internationally, but I won’t be responsible if the postal authorities do horrible stuff to the parcel. Draw closes on 9 August, so get guessing! 🙂

Love, The Smelly Vagabond