Paco Rabanne 1 Million Advertisement (and thoughts)

If Paco Rabanne had the budget to hire Sean O’Pry to snap his fingers while smoldering and smiling cheekily at the camera in this obvious attempt to rejuvenate their cash cow, why didn’t they put more money and effort into the fragrance itself? And also, have they decided that the rugged, hyper-masculine and tattoed male of Invictus is out of fashion, while the coutured metrosexual man is back in fashion?

Paco Rabanne 1 Million has been around since 2008 and is one of those generic “let me slap you in your face with my douchebaggery” kind of fragrances that exudes nothing but tastelessness. You’ll be able to smell it from a mile away, and if you do, RUN, or you will be rendered catatonic by the stuff that some people put in their car freshener.

~ The Smelly Vagabond


9 thoughts on “Paco Rabanne 1 Million Advertisement (and thoughts)

    • Haha I really do wish IFRA would change their job and remove 1 Million instead of wrecking the good ol’ oldies. Unfortunately, some of the ingredients which are purportedly ‘dangerous’, and which IFRA has restricted, are precisely what allowed the oldies to smell as good as they did!

  1. Lol. Douchebaggery. What a perfect description! I had to read it out loud to my hubby. He loves that word. Must be a guy thing. He even said “you can just picture some smarmy guy looking in the mirror while over spraying this crap all over himself and saying I gonna be getting some tonight”.
    My dear Vagabond, in one word you have captured the essence of this fragrance.

    • Hey Poodle!

      I just found this over at Urban Dictionary:

      The greatest word of all time, simple yet pleasing in its onomatopoeic beauty. For one to commit douchebaggery, he/she is not limited to but may include some or perhaps all of the following behaviors:

      – the wearing of flat-billed baseball caps backwards
      – using an enormous amount of gel to spike the hair porcupine style
      – wearing polo shirts or any other type of shirt with the collar popped, a disgusting gesture that should’ve died in the 1980s with parachute pants
      – the sideways peace sign gesture
      – overdone pursing of the lips
      – too many visits to the tanning salon
      – pointing at oneself, holding up beer cans, or making other obscenely immature gestures in solo or group photos
      – following trends for the sake of fitting in (see “goatee”)
      – adding “The” or the suffix “-ster” to one’s name, as in “The Rickster”

      I think it really does sum up 1 Million!

  2. Douchebaggery indeed. A new perfect word as the poodle says.

    I hate this. And these, days, I often despise the world (though I am kind of happy myself).

    Is that possible? Is that shallow?

      • Oh yes it’s fine. Like the charts. I despise practically anything that is in the top 40, the generic grinding trash or over-emotive breathiness, but just a few minutes on youtube and I can unearth musical treasure. I think it is the same with perfumery. And even when it isn’t, we can just wear and adore the things we know.

        I think you are quite selective and pleasingly unbrainwashable, which is why I imagine your perfume collection must be very pleasing indeed.

  3. What perfume? I only saw the dishy eye candy 🙂
    I have never knowingly smelled Paco Rabanne 1 million because I have never had the desire to even see what it smells like – it’s that boring.

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