Aether Arts Perfume – Holy Hemp!

One of my neighbours in my Yale dormitory is a severe pothead – pretty much every other day, the odour of burning weed fills the corridor where I live, its tendrils creeping along the walls rather insidiously. Whenever I step out of my room, I am hit by its smell like a sledgehammer on the head. Allow me this little gripe. I am by no means a moralizing prude, and don’t care what people do to their bodies so long as they do it just to themselves. But as luck would have it, I somehow get a migraine from the smell of weed, and so it really bothers me that said neighbour constantly smokes weed.

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LT Piver – Heliotrope Blanc

© The Smelly Vagabond

© The Smelly Vagabond

We’re experiencing heavy snowfall over in New Haven again. Just last week, university classes were cancelled and a travel ban was issued because of Blizzard Juno (I love how they give names to natural disasters – an attempt to anthromorphise nature?). I can’t think of anything better to wear than what is arguably one of my cheapest thrills of all – Heliotrope Blanc. It’s easily available on eBay and Amazon for under $20. As a matter of fact, mine cost me just $14.05, which is a real steal considering how much I love heliotrope and anything almond related.

Heliotrope Blanc is fairly linear, beginning and ending with powdery and soft heliotrope that’s as white as snow. Although the similarities with almond cannot be mistaken, Heliotrope Blanc never falls into what I like to call “almond flavoring essence” that is sometimes used in desserts, being neither sweet nor desserty-y. Instead, think baby powder and being swaddled up like a wee baby in clean white cloth.

Yale in the snow

Yale in the snow

You can read more about it on I Smell Therefore I Am.

Heliotrope fans, do check it out.

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~ The Smelly Vagabond