Vintage Love: Audace by Fabergé

© The Smelly Vagabond

© The Smelly Vagabond

What do you do when the vintage perfume you buy from eBay for the grand total of £2.29 (this includes shipping, mind you!) turns out to be a glorious chypre of the yesteryear? Well, first you do a mini victory dance in your room while waving your fragrant arms wildly in the air, whooping gleefully all the while, then as you start to calm down from the first flush of lust you sit down on your chair, pull out your laptop and start blogging the hell out of the fragrance.

Time for a perfume party!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the long-forgotten Audace by Fabergé, the same company that produced the classic Brut before the latter became butchered by Unilever in 1989. Audace was created in 1983 and is very much in the powerhouse style of the 80s, sharing the same DNA as the eponymous fragrance by Paloma Picasso. The fragrance suits its name perfectly, being very audacious and bold indeed.

From the first spray one is greeted with what is unmistakeably a blast of chypre – bergamot and lemon decorated with shimmering spices for extra zing, and blended harmoniously with labdanum and glorious, glorious oakmoss. All of this is spun over a floral bouquet (the carnation is unmistakeable) infused with a tiny amount of civet so as to raise a snooty nose at the whitewashed clothes of Estée Lauder‘s White Linen.

Clean will never be the new sexy. Now are you coming to bed?

The drydown is considerably more muted than the whirlwind of the top and the heart, but no less beautiful. Here the woods and the oakmoss take over and sing the song of a time when things used to have guts…

My heart tingles.

The bottle is a 15ml Eau de Toilette, made more special by the fact that it was distributed by Parfums International Ltd from a location in London that no longer exists. When I googled the postcode, W1H 9FG, no specific location showed up, and all I know is that it came from the area bounded by Marble Arch, Bond Street, Gloucester Place and Edgeware Road Station.

A sensual mystery.

And it’s mine.

~ The Smelly Vagabond

4 thoughts on “Vintage Love: Audace by Fabergé

  1. What an amazing coup! – I must admit to never having heard of this one, only Faberge. I might even be okay these days with the ‘tiny amount of civet’, though a scent like this used to terrify me. 😉

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