Statistics – Taking Stock of My Perfume Decants


Decants and samples galore!

Looking around at my room, I suddenly gained inspiration for a quick post that I could tap out in the midst of my examinations. Why not take stock of my burgeoning collection of decants and take a look at what I’ve collected since coming to the UK? The majority of the decants were from my own bottles, because it’s too much of a hassle for me to dig through my suitcase every single time I want to wear a perfume. Yep, that’s where I store my bottles because, well, I’ve only got my own room to keep them in! I’ve excluded the decants I made from my own bottles for the purposes of statistical analysis (I use this term very, very lightly), so the figures are of the decants that I’ve either bought, swapped for, or been given by generous members of the fragrance community. I’ve also stipulated rather arbitrarily that decants be at least 4ml in volume, and that large manufactured samples do not count as decants.

Using the very helpful tool also known as Microsoft Excel (I love creating spreadsheets of my perfume collection!), here are some figures:

Total Number: 42
Of these, 16 were bought, 15 were gifts, and 11 were swaps

Total Volume: 366.5ml
The majority of my decants were 10ml.

Favourite Decant: This was a tough one, but I’ll have to go with either EnVoyage Perfumes‘ Zelda or Vero Profumo‘s Rubj. The former came by in a swap with the very lovely Vanessa of Bonkers about Perfume, who has got more swaps under her belt than most (over a 100, according to her!), while the latter was bought from a split organised on a Facebook perfume group.

Most Recent DecantsAmouage‘s Fate Woman and Etat Libre d’Orange‘s Bijou Romantique from a lovely lady I met on a Facebook perfume group.

Last Decant I Won in a Giveaway: Sigili‘s Electra, which was generously given to me by Ines of All I Am – A Redhead after the winner of the original giveaway failed to claim her prize! That was sometime back in November, so I haven’t been lucky since! But it’s great fun taking part in giveaway draws, which is why I like holding them myself!

As you can see, I haven’t really swapped very many decants, although I’d love to do more of that – only problem is getting around the evil entity also known as Royal Mail, which has been known to destroy parcels containing perfume sent overseas, so the majority of my swaps have taken place within the UK. Not that I haven’t done so before – I usually label those as “fountain pens” or “antiques”. So far, so good, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed!


I  must confess to being mildly OCD about the decant atomisers that I use. If possible, I like to use the same one for every decant that I make, although it would be silly of me to expect that others would use the same atomisers as I did, so I compromise and use the same ones for myself, and appreciate the diversity of atomisers that are presented to me! However, when I make decants for others, I usually use a different type of atomiser as it’s much cheaper than the ones I use for myself, so it helps to keep costs lower. I suppose I should probably do a separate post evaluating the various types of atomisers on the market – already I can think of so many criteria, such as whether it’s glass or plastic, the shape, the spray, whether it stands upright without being knocked over easily, how easily it can be stored etc. etc. As you can see from the picture, I store my decants in cardboard boxes that I mostly buy from Paperchase. I like the boxes because they are sturdy and hold up to the rather heavy weight of the decants!

I must say I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this statistical exercise. As it is, I’m currently sitting contentedly on my chair having spritzed on 6 different perfumes that I hadn’t worn in some time. It’s taken far longer than I expected, so it’s back to revision!

How many decants do you own? Are you a fan of buying or swapping decants? Do you have a favourite atomiser? Do you have any interesting anecdotes to share about your decants?

~ The Smelly Vagabond

P.S. If you’d like to swap with me, feel free to drop me an email or leave a comment below, and we’ll work something out! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Statistics – Taking Stock of My Perfume Decants

  1. I rather not count my decants, to be honest. I have more of them than bottles and I have quite a lot of bottles. 😉
    I love swapping and I don’t have favorite bottles. Just as long as they don’t leak.

    • That’s very wise of you, Ines, although even decants can add up the costs sometimes! Remind me to drop you an email about swapping when I’m done with exams! (In about a weeks’ time) 😀

  2. Even though I sell quite a few decants I am not a big collector of them myself. Occasionally I will get a 5 ml decant of something new I want to try that won’t be available here in the Middle East but, I usually get smaller samples from the usual suspects (Surrender to Chance, Perfumed Court, Lucky Scent, etc.) instead. The vast majority of my decants are from my mom who also collects perfume and will kindly give me a good amount of anything I want (isn’t that what mom’s are for?). And as for atomizers, I use a variety of standard glass bottles but, I also like to get pretty ones from Daiso (the Japanese $2 store that is all over the place here) to use for myself or to give as special gifts to people.

    • Ah I usually find that samples don’t quite give me a good wearing – they are gone so quickly and I usually prefer to spray! I’m so glad for you that your mum collects perfume as well. Wow. It’s gonna be a family tradition! I like the ones from Daiso too, we’ve got lots in Singapore that go for $2 as well.

    • Aye, I seldom get samples because not all the shops here are generous with them. It’s almost impossible to get a sample from a department store, but the smaller ones such as Bloom Perfumery and Roullier White are very generous about them.

  3. I really enjoyed this analysis of your decant collection, and am so happy you love Zelda! I have three square boxes jam packed with decants and 2-3 additional boxes of samples of up to 2ml, so my collection might look a bit similar laid out like yours. That said, there is far less standardisation in the atomiser design – yours looks very neat and tidy! 😉 Mine are also smaller on the whole – I have some 8ml and 10ml ones but the average is probably more like 5ml. I must have over 100 decants – I think I did count them and posted something about it on Facebook if not on the blog. But 100+ rings a bell. Would love to know where you get your atomisers as I think we are poorly servied compared to our American friends. And yes, I have easily done that number of swaps – probably more by now. I got up to about 75 on MUA but that was years ago already. 😉

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