Olfactive Studio – Lumière Blanche

In theory, I’m supposed to be a huge fan of Olfactive Studio‘s Lumière Blanche. The concept of pairing scent to a photograph especially appeals to me, for I tend to see my scents in terms of images first and foremost instead of lists of notes. And the list of notes for Lumière Blanche ought to send tingles down my spine, because they include my favourites such as iris, almond, sandalwood, tonka bean and cardamom. Even prior to wearing Lumière Blanche, my mind’s nose had this scent-vision of a heavenly scent combining all of these things – oh, comfort of all comforts, and elegance of all elegance.

Alas, I was not moved by Lumière Blanche. Not one bit. After a mildly interesting burst of sparkly cardamom, Lumière Blanche nestled itself within the awkward middle ground straddling sweet woods and synthetic musks. It’s meant to be a comforting scent, but the presence of some aromachemical has me on edge. It is an oddball that never quite settles, as though a shark à la Jaws may show up at any moment to disturb the idyllic and calm beach upon which the bathers gather. Strangely enough, I keep detecting a rhubarb accord that is reminiscent of another Olfactive Studio composition, Still Life, except in the latter it is a full-blown rhubarb, whereas here it shudders in the background much like an enfeebled baby-like Lord Voldemort (yes, I can say his name) does after having been vanquished in the final installment of the Harry Potter series. Like shriveled-up Voldemort, it doesn’t have any power, and yet its mere presence gives the observer a sense of revulsion.

source: larryhackman.com

Lumière Blanche lacks the refinement and elegance of L’Eau d’Hiver, which, in my opinion, is a far superior rendition of a similar theme. I wouldn’t call it a synthetic mess, because it’s not, but it just happens to be on the wrong side of off for me.

~ The Smelly Vagabond

13 thoughts on “Olfactive Studio – Lumière Blanche

  1. Lumiere Blanche was my favourite Olfactive Studio scent so far. I wasn’t a fan of the first three and Flash Back was so-so on me. LB was nice but didn’t last at all. But I really like the just released Ombre Indigo.

  2. I do like OS as a brand and LB works well on me but is a bit fleeting. Can it be that you mean Flashback with the rhubarby scent? Of that I actually have a bottle and love it. The Ombre Indigo was a total disaster for me, absolutely hated it. So as usual, everything smells different on everyone…

  3. OMG! You put the pic of Voldemort baby into your post?! I can’t believe it. 🙂
    Well, at least that tells me what you really think of this perfume. 😉

  4. Natalie just reviewed this and she was also not a fan – compared it to an Adam Levine scent with which I am not familiar. 😉 I own this and it is fine on me – ticks a milky, spicy, woody box when I am in the mood, but it is fleeting as Sabine says. A bit musky, if not excessively so, though I want to go back and check now!

    • Strange, isn’t it, that a perfume such as this can split people? I think Nat from anotherperfumeblog didn’t like this as well, while Vanessa has a bottle of this. I would have thought from the notes that it would be a ‘safe’ choice.

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