Should I sell unwanted bottles on my blog? What about swaps?

© The Smelly Vagabond

© The Smelly Vagabond

Timmy the Teddy says hi! 🙂

So… I’m just going to throw the question out here: do you think it would be a good idea for me to sell my unwanted bottles on my blog? Or should I just stick to writing? Reason I’m asking is because I’ll be moving abroad in about 2 months’ time, and don’t have enough space for all my perfumes in my suitcase (yes, it’s full, I know, I know… I’m a natural hoarder), and there are still a couple more that I wish to purchase before leaving London! Whoops. I wonder if you’ve ever found yourself in such a predicament. There’s always the option of shipping, but I can’t bear the thought of perfume being transported in a hot metal container. But I’m going to leave it up to you guys to decide:

In addition, would you people be interested if I conducted, say, a monthly decant swap here on the blog? I personally think swaps are a fantastic way to try fragrances that we aren’t familiar with without having to spend extra money (cause it’s already been spent!). Some ideas I have are themed swaps, in which everyone comments a fragrance that contains a certain note (e.g. incense) that they are willing to decant and swap, and then look around to see if they can find a match! I’m not sure how that’s going to work out logistically (yet), but if enough people are interested in it I’ll try to find a way to make this possible!

Well, what do you think? Do cast your vote, and leave a comment if you’ve got more thoughts on the matter! 🙂

~ The Smelly Vagabond


20 thoughts on “Should I sell unwanted bottles on my blog? What about swaps?

    • Dear Val,

      I would be more than happy to do so. Perhaps drop me an email or Facebook message me with the things you’d like to sell/swap? Wouldn’t be a hassle at all 🙂

      P.S. Malles and Lutens sounds fab. I know you’ll never part with your Veros though!

  1. I think both selling and swapping are good ideas. 🙂 Depends on what suits you better, you might get some of the things you want in swaps and then if you sell, you will again have the money to buy what you want.
    But do let us see what it is you have available. 🙂

    • Dear Ines,

      I’m happy to do both, depending on what people prefer! I’m not fussy either way 🙂 Perhaps I’ll start the first ever Smelly Vagabond Marketplace. Let me tinker around with WordPress and see how it goes. So far I’ve discovered this thing called WordPress eShop, which is a plug-in that might just make life convenient for everyone!

  2. I think they are great ideas, and the poll backs it up as well! 🙂
    But what’s the postal logic there though? I though Royal Mail is quite weird about posting a “dangerous object” like perfume. 😀

    • Dear Thinking Magpie,

      Aha. Yes, Royal Mail is not very bright about such things. But I’ve always managed to circumvent that by labeling the items as ‘antiques’ (well, in some sense, they are, or they will be, so it’s kind of a half-truth) or as ‘accessories’ (you wear it, so in that sense it’s also an accessory). So far, so good 😀 In any case, I believe people will be swapping from all over the world, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be with me! I just wanted to provide an avenue for that on the blog 🙂

      • Ha, ha, I label them as cosmetics thinking of they figure out it’s liquid, it’s facial toner. 😉
        But I usually put in sth to cover the liquid noise (tic-tacs or chocolate in a box).

      • Oh, I did try that before, but then here in London, if you say cosmetics they will ask you if it’s perfume or some kind of powder. I usually avoid the term so that they don’t ask so many questions! But putting in something to cover the noise sounds like a brilliant idea 🙂

    • Dear Perfumed Dandy,
      C’est dommage, mais c’est comme ça!
      To be fair, I have been here for 3 years, but only started writing last year 🙂 But I have found and made friends all around the world through blogging and for that I am grateful.

  3. Yes, sell away! – am thinking of doing the same. You have some ‘very good gear’ for sure that people will be interested in. I am also thinking of buying a decant off you too, but still mulling that one over.

    • Dear Vanessa,
      Haha I’m just mulling over the problem with postage and whether I ought to take that risk. Take your time – I’ve got until 20 June; we could also do swaps as well, I really liked the last one we did! 🙂

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