Perfume Haiku Series: cK One by Calvin Klein

cK One by Calvin Klein

Salty briny sea
Suffused with radiant sunbeams
Redefining fresh

If there’s one perfume I can definitely say that I have too much of, it’s cK One. My friends know that I like perfume, and so they sometimes buy perfume for me as gifts – I inevitably end up getting cK One, because it’s a cheapie that’s also safe and inoffensive (most of my friends aren’t working yet, in the same way that I’m not). As of today I have half a litre of cK One. I sometimes use it to scent my sheets, or even the toilet. It’s not that I don’t like it – I just literally have so much of it that it’s scary!

Are there any particular perfumes that you have too much of? Do you ever get sick of them?

~ The Smelly Vagabond