Brute Force Solves All Faulty Bottle Problems

Brute Force Solves All Faulty Bottle Problems

The spray mechanism of my bottle of Ormonde Jayne’s Isfarkand was faulty, so I brutally snapped off the top with a pair of pliers and now there are glass shards all around. Have you ever had similar problems with your bottles?

13 thoughts on “Brute Force Solves All Faulty Bottle Problems

  1. Oh dear. And oh yes – I’ve had similar issues when a sprayer stops working. I usually gently (ahem) pry around the base of the metal top where its crimped on to the bottle and work around it until its off. So far I’ve not had a broken top like yours though. Mind you, you cant put the top back on once you’ve taken it off – its like it just wont be crimped back in place. I just decant the perfume into another bottle.
    The more common problems I’ve had, have been with glass stoppers becoming “frozen” – as a vintage collector I’ve seen that a lot. Needless to say, I’ve become a bit of an expert at removing them – after several disasters I might add, that I cant even bring myself to type about 😉

    • Dear SallyM,

      I think the bottle neck was particularly brittle for I wasn’t even using that much strength! But yes I suppose I would get better with more practice, although I hope my other bottles don’t become spoilt too!

  2. I’m sorry. Were you able to save the content?
    Now I have even less trust to the new Ormonde Jayne’s packaging: clearly they are trying to save money where they can – plainer bottles, worst quality labels (that’s what I experiendced myself) and probably cheaper sprayers.

    • Dear Undina,

      This is not the first time I’m having problems with a bottle. The first time was with a Parfums de Nicolaï bottle, and that time I lost 30% of the contents. This time I was more well-prepared and probably spilt only a drop or two. And yes, I’m a bit annoyed with Ormonde Jayne’s packaging… I’ve had a problem with one of the boxes too.

      • I’ve just got a new travel set from them – and I can’t believe my eyes! Unfortunately, I have an older one from 2-3 years ago so I can compare how much worse the new packaging is. I’ll probably even publish a post about it next month. It’s very disappointing.

  3. I always return faulty bottles with comments about “not fit for purpose” they should give you a credit or another product.

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