13 thoughts on “Brute Force Solves All Faulty Bottle Problems

  1. Oh dear. And oh yes – I’ve had similar issues when a sprayer stops working. I usually gently (ahem) pry around the base of the metal top where its crimped on to the bottle and work around it until its off. So far I’ve not had a broken top like yours though. Mind you, you cant put the top back on once you’ve taken it off – its like it just wont be crimped back in place. I just decant the perfume into another bottle.
    The more common problems I’ve had, have been with glass stoppers becoming “frozen” – as a vintage collector I’ve seen that a lot. Needless to say, I’ve become a bit of an expert at removing them – after several disasters I might add, that I cant even bring myself to type about 😉

    • Dear SallyM,

      I think the bottle neck was particularly brittle for I wasn’t even using that much strength! But yes I suppose I would get better with more practice, although I hope my other bottles don’t become spoilt too!

  2. I’m sorry. Were you able to save the content?
    Now I have even less trust to the new Ormonde Jayne’s packaging: clearly they are trying to save money where they can – plainer bottles, worst quality labels (that’s what I experiendced myself) and probably cheaper sprayers.

    • Dear Undina,

      This is not the first time I’m having problems with a bottle. The first time was with a Parfums de Nicolaï bottle, and that time I lost 30% of the contents. This time I was more well-prepared and probably spilt only a drop or two. And yes, I’m a bit annoyed with Ormonde Jayne’s packaging… I’ve had a problem with one of the boxes too.

      • I’ve just got a new travel set from them – and I can’t believe my eyes! Unfortunately, I have an older one from 2-3 years ago so I can compare how much worse the new packaging is. I’ll probably even publish a post about it next month. It’s very disappointing.

  3. I always return faulty bottles with comments about “not fit for purpose” they should give you a credit or another product.

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