A Visit to Roullier White and an Interview with Founder Lawrence

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I’ve just realised that I’d forgotten to blow my own trumpet and stroke my own ego – I’d forgotten to share with lovely readers of this blog an article I’d written on London perfumery Roullier White, that was published on Basenotes back in December, when I was out camping in the woods somewhere in Micheldever without access to a computer. So, if you’d like, you can read the article by clicking on this link. There, you might find out my true identity (not that it was ever that much of a secret), and even catch a glimpse of my elusive face… Enjoy! 🙂

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Guerlain – Meteorites

If liking violet-centred perfumes makes me an old granny, then turn me into Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother, pronto! Clad in a shapeless violet ensemble, and waving her mighty wand, she is every bit the caring grandmother who is both warm and sophisticated at the same time. She’s wearing Guerlain Meteorites.

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Perfume Review: Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet & Donna Karan Pure DKNY

So… I haven’t written a long review in quite some time, but that’s about to change with this post. And guess what we’ll be having two fragrances reviewed at the same time. Now, if I had my way, I wouldn’t be writing about either of them. But my housemate, Miss B, very excitably requested that I review her perfumes, as she wanted a second opinion about them. Now Miss B seldom wears perfume, and she’s the sort who likes it sheer, floral and mildly sweet. If anything, she’s the sort of person whom you would expect to be perfumed by Dior’s J’Adore. Miss B doesn’t buy any of her perfumes; the perfumes she owns so far have been gifts from friends and family – but perhaps one day that will change, and hopefully I get to play some part in her olfactory journey. Without further ado, I present today’s contenders…

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The Smelly Vagabond’s Adventures in Paris: Day 2 (Part I)

The Smelly Vagabond’s Adventures in Paris: Day 1 (in case you haven’t read it yet). I’ve split Day 2 into two parts [EDIT: it’s now three parts!] because frankly it was so long that it was getting out of hand. And I thought it best to post something yet while figuring out some details about the trip that I’d forgotten. I also apologise for not having written in such a long time, I figure it’s cause I’d lost my mojo for writing (it happens!), and also because all my brain energy had been sucked away by pesky university essays. In any case, I’m back now, so enjoy!

Day 2 (Part I), in which I discover little gems and collect beautiful memories while hunting for something mundane.

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