5 Limited Edition Perfumes from Gorilla Perfume

source: Gorilla Perfume's Facebook Page

source: Gorilla Perfume’s Facebook page

Gorilla Perfume (perfume off-shoot of Lush) has just announced on their Facebook page that they will be releasing five limited edition perfumes on 22nd November. If you’re a fan of Gorilla Perfume, you’ll probably have heard of their limited edition releases, which are usually available online only, and for a very short amount of time. Most of the time, these limited edition perfumes take the scent of a Lush product and turn it into a fine fragrance.

I don’t usually care much for ‘limited edition’ releases when only the bottle changes and the brand charges obscene amounts just for the different bottle, but thankfully Gorilla Perfume limited editions don’t come at a premium price and the juice is usually enjoyable, especially to those who love the corresponding Lush products. A quick glance through the comments on Gorilla’s site or on their Facebook page unsurprisingly reveals plenty of enthusiastic fans who are excited at the opportunity to secure their favourite fragrances.

Myself, I currently own two limited edition perfumes from Gorilla Perfume. The first is Silky Underwear, which originated as a body dusting powder. It pairs a cleaned-up jasmine note with a heap of cocoa powder, coconut (reminiscent of that found in Furze, another fragrance by Gorilla Perfume) and musk. It is a comfortable scent that I sometimes wear to bed because it is warm and fuzzy. Of course, it’s always fun whenever someone asks what I’m wearing and I reply that I’m wearing ‘silky underwear’ 😀

The second limited edition perfume I own is Snowcake, which is a delightful milky and creamy almond/heliotrope fragrance that seems to last forever, and which doesn’t veer off into gourmand territory. Thankfully, it also avoids the ‘soap’ trap, despite originating as a bar of soap. Its sillage is moderate, bordering on being a skin scent, which for me is fine because I’ve always seen it as a gentle fragrance that’s not meant to be a show-stopper. Snowcake is also fairly linear – again, not a problem, because, well, they got me at ‘almond’. Longevity is upwards of 8 hours on my skin.

The best part is that, based on previous experience, the fragrances come in the very manageable size of 30ml, although I do not have information about the size of the upcoming releases. Prices are also manageable – if I recall correctly, I paid £18 for Silky Underwear and £22 for Snowcake back then.

What are your favourite limited edition Gorilla Perfumes? Do you think they should remain limited edition or become available as part of the main range?

Update (19 November 2013)
It seems as though Rose Jam, Snowcake, Snow Fairy and Ponche will be available, along with one final mystery perfume!

~ The Smelly Vagabond

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