The Great Social Media Experiment

I’ve gone and done the whole social media connectivity thing. I figured it would get information across more easily, direct new readers to my blog, and also be an avenue for me to post little things that I might not otherwise post on a blog. If you fancy, you can find me on Facebook here, and if you hover over the ‘Like’ button, you can click on ‘Get Notifications’ so you’ll be updated whenever I post something up. Also, I’ve just started a Twitter account: @SmellyVagabond so if you follow me you can also get updates when I post. I’m still trying to figure out how to get stuff like widgets and sharing buttons on the blog, so do bear with me in the meantime, I’m a tech dinosaur compared to someone my age. I also don’t really know how the hashtags work, but I guarantee you’ll find the following clip absolutely hilarious:

Out of curiosity, are there any other ways I can be more connected to the rest of the perfume community? What would you recommend? And what do you think of bloggers making use of Facebook and Twitter to stay connected?

Thanks for all your support so far!

4 thoughts on “The Great Social Media Experiment

  1. Great move. I think your website is like a city and Twitter and Facebook etc are like border towns or outposts where different varieties of readers live.

    Your website has followers that are ‘extremely interested’ in your topics and Facebook is for people who are ‘just interested’ in your topics. Facebook will certainly extend your reach and find you new readers especially if you hash tag your Facebook posts.

    Something I posted recently had 963,328 views via Facebook as the post was shared by lots of people to their friends. To interpret that stat you need to know that Facebook views may mean that people saw your headline/photo but did not necessarily read the post! But if they read it and like it you will find new readers via Facebook Likes.

    It is better to manually post to Facebook as a photo post with a URL link (rather than auto post via Publicise) . It does not look as neat as the URL post because it does not condense the URL. However the advantage of Photo posting with the URL is that more people are visually motivated or drawn to your post and you choose the image rather than the randomness of Facebook choosing a minor image within your post. Well, that is what I have found out and I am always learning more.

    Hashtags are indexes and the strength of them is that in the future people can easily find your historic posts when researching a topic. This gives more ‘life’ to your posts.

    I would also join Google + which I have not figured out yet!

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