Eau de Macbook Pro

I just came across this fascinating article:

If you can’t afford the £1,000 price tag, then ‘Eau de MacBook Pro’ might satisfy your yearning for a new computer.

For when you close your eyes, the fragrance is designed to mimic the scent of an Apple product being opened for the fist time.

Perfumers from Air Aroma worked around the clock to find a formula that resembled the aroma of plastic wrap, printed ink, ripped cardboard and an aluminum laptop shipped straight from a Chinese factory.

I figured it would smell something along the lines of aluminium, cardboard, styrofoam and paper. For laughs, I’d smother all of that in Apple notes. All that said and done, I wonder how it would smell different from say, Eau de Toshiba, Eau de Dell etc. Don’t all laptops smell the same? To test that hypothesis, I did a smell test of my ASUS laptop and my Macbook Pro (ask not why I have 2 laptops. I don’t know why either). Interestingly, the ASUS laptop had absorbed some of the sweat and the scents I’ve worn on my wrists. The Macbook Pro, however, smelt of just metal. Perhaps someone should look into producing an Eau de ASUS The Smelly Vagabond Limited Edition. It would be a bestseller.

Perfume Computer Comic

~ The Smelly Vagabond

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