The Smelly Vagabond Returns… Summer Comes and Goes.

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Greetings! The Smelly Vagabond returneth, after a long summer break! First up, I’d like to apologise for my rather abrupt disappearing act, which might have left some of you who check the blog from time to time wondering where I’d gone, or if I’d given up blogging for good. Secondly, for those who have actually been checking in once in a while, THANK YOU!

Perhaps I should explain: I’ve been spending summer in sunny Singapore instead of London (where apparently there was a heatwave!). Aside from catching up with family and friends whom I haven’t seen in a year, I’ve also been busy working at an 8 – 6 job (welcome to Singapore, where we’ve got the longest working hours). I know many bloggers give themselves a schedule / free time off, but between work and meeting up with people in the evenings and nights, there was scarcely any time left for me to blog! And mind you, I’ve missed blogging! I just thought it would be better to accumulate reviews and write slowly rather than post one review per month. But yes, the great news is that my work attachment is OVER and I’ve got a number of weeks before returning to London and student life, where I invariably have more free time. I’ve scheduled a number of posts that will pop up every few days [Why not just upload all of them? Cause you’d just read all of them at one go, it’s the same with a TV series :D], so please do check in on the blog!

What have I been wearing this summer? At work, I’ve been alternating between Diptyque’s Eau Duelle and Ormonde Jayne’s Ormonde Woman. The former is a woody, creamy, lightly-spiced vanilla scent that’s fairly linear and non-aggressive. It was perfect for work because it was delicious whilst remaining inoffensive. Eau Duelle is also lightly fragranced with a black tea note, which kept it from being a banal gourmand. I’m usually not a fan of vanilla, but this one worked for me.

I wore Ormonde Woman on days when I needed a pick-me-up. I’ll probably do a proper review of Ormonde Woman one day, since it’s something I wear whenever I don’t know what to wear, and even so I reach for it over many others, and rather frequently, too. I suppose it might be the interesting black hemlock absolute that Ormonde Jayne uses. I’m a huge fan of the range, because it achieves the perfect balance between being interesting and wearable. Oh, and they are incredibly well-blended, smooth and excellent all-round. Do give them a try if you haven’t already. That said, there are some misses in the line (Zizan, bergamot, lime, lemon, citrus, pink pepper, cedar = standard masculine fare; get Etat Libre d’Orange’s Sex Pistols instead). Alright, I added that line in just to maintain some level of objectivity! Objectivity usually flies away when I speak of Ormonde Jayne.

In other news, the summer also saw the passing of my beloved grandmother. She never wore perfume, as was typical of those from her generation who were born before World War II, before Singapore became the developed cosmopolitan city it is today. In her time, having sufficient food was a more pressing concern than smelling good. In honour of her memory, during the funeral proceedings lasting a week, I went without perfume… It’s more important to spend time with those we love while they are alive, but as humans we try to remember someone in whatever little way we can when they pass away. Unlike many others in the perfume community, who are reminded of their loved ones when they smell a particular fragrance, the absence of fragrance is my way of remembering someone who devoted her entire life to caring for her children and who never allowed herself any material luxuries. Ah Ma (that’s how we address our grandmothers here), rest in peace – you will be fondly remembered…

How was your summer? What have you been wearing over summer? Is there any particular fragrance that reminds you of a loved one? Do drop me a comment, I’d love to hear from you.

12 thoughts on “The Smelly Vagabond Returns… Summer Comes and Goes.

  1. Welcome back! I hope you got some rest during this break even though you had to work. At least it was something different from what you do during the year.

    I share your views on the OJ line and I have many favorites in it. My summer perfume wearing habbits are the same as during any other time of the year: a different perfume every day – so I’m not sure which ones got more attention. Probably Bombay Bling! since it was the most recent FB purchase.

    Any additions to your collection from that summer?

    • Thanks Undina!

      There were wayyyyy too many additions to my collection, largely due in part to this amazing sale where many things could be had cheaply. But some special acquisitions include vintage (houndstooth) Diorissimo Eau de Cologne and 24 Faubourg parfum. And I might have to get my hands on Bombay Bling, I’ve been reading some impressive things about it.

  2. I completely agree with you about both Zizan and Ormonde Woman, equally boring and beautiful respectively! I’m writing about OW soon at Odiferess with a very quirky angle, all will be revealed soon.. Enjoy the last of your summer x

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