Another Chanel Review: 1932 Snoozefest (Les Exclusifs)


This picture of Chanel 1932 is more exciting than the perfume will ever be. Chanel 1932 is a snoozefest, created for those who want to smell like ‘sweet-nothingness’. Following my excitement over 31 Rue Cambon, I decided to review another fragrance from the Les Exclusifs line. I’d tried 1932 about a month or two back, right when it was released. I’d read reviews about how it ‘sparkled like diamonds’. So when the kind Persolaise gave me a sample, I happily spritzed it on hoping to ‘shine bright, tonight’ like the Diamonds sung about by Rihanna.

1932 smells like an inferior, more watered-down (if that’s even possible) version of something Jean-Claude Ellena would create. Iris, jasmine, vetiver? Non, it’s a transparent, non-descript floral that dries down to a generic musky shampoo scent and disappears after 2 hours. I know we sometimes want light, watery fragrances for days when heavy orientals just won’t do. But there are far better options than 1932, e.g. any recent releases by Monsieur Ellena.

To be fair, I am not a huge fan of the ‘watercolour’, aquatic and spare style of JCE. But even granting that, the fact remains that wearing 1932 makes me want to spray some other perfume on top of it, so that it will actually say something interesting. At the moment, what it does say is that the wearer would be someone who’s stuck in a boring, oppressive job who has a boss vehemently averse to perfume. Or as a friend of mine described, it’s a fragrance ‘meant for nurses and doctors’. (Now that’s a potential topic for me to write on, Perfumes and the Workplace!)

Bored Yawn


I’ll spare you the details on where to buy 1932 because I’d clobber you on the head with a stick if you ever buy it. It’s heinous of Chanel to put this out under the Les Exclusifs range and to discontinue 28 La Pausa (according to the SA at Covent Garden, it’ll be gone sometime later this year although she’s not sure when)

As an aside, I’ve got something special planned for next Saturday, 27 April so keep that date bookmarked! Here’s a hint 🙂

The Smelly Vagabond

3 thoughts on “Another Chanel Review: 1932 Snoozefest (Les Exclusifs)

    • Hi Nancy,

      Thanks for the compliment, I’m glad you enjoyed the post! 🙂 I think when it comes to writing about boring perfumes (especially expensive ones, they have no excuse), my passions are stoked and I let it fly in my review!

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